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Serba SerbiLove, Share, dan Care, Tiga Rahasia Harmonis SBY dan Ani Yudhoyono oleh : Rohmah S
24-Apr-2018, 05:03 WIB

KabarIndonesia - Presiden RI ke-6, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), mengungkapkan rahasia keharmonisan rumah tangga bersama Ani Yudhoyono, kala berdialog dengan warga Kota Tangerang dalam lawatan Tour de Banten, Senin (23/4/2018) malam.

Rahasia tersebut diungkapkan SBY menjawab pertanyaan seorang warga









Why Should I Go Through?.


Why Should I Go Through?.
Oleh : Fena Pramita | 30-Jun-2017, 11:05:07 WIB

Looking for the light in the moonlight of a quiet night.
How to reach the star to get the moon?.
Whereas i am only human who has no wings, and is broken.
I walked through the corner i was kidding with my pen yesterday afternoon.
Beyond the limits without a pause that says everyone is suffering.
I ran thirsty amid the dew that was gone and reluctant to return.
Where is the desert from the rocks we find?.
Ran leaving certainty for the meeting.
Just twilight and words.
Separated longing from the dazzling jungle of the hearts.
Is human born just for misery?.
Why do we live with the limits we should be able to change?.
Would not our life be better if we ran naked without shoes?.
I know it hurts.
But everything that hurts is that opiate that will come upon pleasure.
Living above the newspaper discourse.
Preach the blurred news in the vocal cords.
Why throat always feel thirsty than stomatch that struggles hunger?.
Like life.
Life always be less if we never get up.
I left for somewhere with...
Then i meet an angels who taps my shoulder from the left side.
I ask, is here any difference between you and human?.
Why do you come amd touch us like i am the opiate you'll be sucking for?.(*)


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Anthony Bachtiar, Designer Batik Terbaikoleh : Munir Werlin
17-Apr-2018, 06:58 WIB

  Anthony Bachtiar, Designer Batik Terbaik Anthony Bachtiar, Designer Batik Terbaik

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